My House in Autumn

My House In Autumn

Fall may seem an odd time to begin a blog about gardening, but
fall is in many ways the best time to start or renew a garden. The
soil is mellow, the weather is temperate, and in autumn plants put
all their energy into root growth rather than top growth as they do
in spring. Also, there are fewer weeds in fall and no more new
ones will be emerging.

In this blog I will introduce you to plants native to the Midwest–
highlighting one each week. I’ll also show you photographs of
what is in bloom or particularly effective for that week in gardens
and/or natural areas. In addition, I will, from time to time, give
you an opinion on something related to gardening or natural
areas. I want this to be a two-way street, so I hope you will
contribute to this blog, as well.

My Gardens in Autumn

Showy Black-eyed Susan is still blooming from last month, while
the Aromatic Aster (Aster oblongifolius) blooms in September
and October. The scarlet foliage belongs to Prairie Baby’s Breath
(Euphorbia corollata), a breathtaking contrast to the lavender
and gold of the flowers.

Entrance To My Savanna

Short’s Aster (Aster shortii) blooms in partial shade in the
background, while Showy Goldenrod (Solidago speciosa) and
Aromatic Aster bloom in the sunny foreground. The scarlet-leaved
foliage of the small tree belongs to a Black Haw (Viburnum

West sidewalk along the side of my house.

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