File This Under Window View or Serendipity

File This under Window View or Serendipity

This is the view looking outside my east studio window, only about 8’ away from my neighbor’s cracked and stained concrete patio.  A few self-seeded Joe Pye Weed grow next to my window, but not tall enough to hide an unattractive view.

Many years ago I had a trellis built on the outside of my patio fence and planted Virgin’s Bower (Clematis virginiana) to climb up and, I hoped,  over the fence.    No such luck–it just scrambled along over the tops of  the low-growing asters next to the house, blooming in August and September.



–and turning to feather dusters in September and October.

Then this summer, the clematis found its way to the downspout and the TV cable and began to climb–first time ever.


Joe Pye was taller than ever this year–all that wonderful rain–and I  noticed the clematis was also twining up the tall plants.

I anxiously waited for it to bloom–


–then from inside my studio, this stunning bouquet appeared outside my window and completely blocked the view of the neighbor’s old patio. Unplanned.  Serendipity.



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