Book Review of New Media for Designers + Builders

As a subscriber to Steve  Mouzan’s blog, The Original Green, I was offered free access to his new e-book, New Media for Designers + Builders, in return for a review of it on the day of the launching.

In it, he tells how to transition to new ways of doing business that can actually be far more effective today than the old ways ever were in their day.

While yesterday’s rule of thumb was to spend 10% of your business budget on advertising and promotion, since most of todays vehicles for promotion are free, he instead advises us to spend 10% of our time on promotion.

The first chapter is simply called Why?

Why is self-reliance necessary?

Then he follows up with Chapter 2–How?

Skip newspapers, radio, and TV–they’re so 20th century.

How to get started.  He tells us how to make Social Media work for us, how to create our own website and blog, and what a good idea it is to contribute to discussions in other people’s blogs.

Replace your business cards with Idea cards.  What’s an idea card?  It’s in the book.

Join or form discussion groups, interest groups or communities, how to publish, mailing lists, photo showcase, video–it’s all in here.  I already do several of these things, but there’s so much more.  I highly recommend it.

This book is written for anyone involved in design: architects, planners, engineers, landscape architects and designers, interior designers, and other creatives. It’s also for anyone who builds: developers, contractors, and tradesmembers.

Here’s the link:

 Steve’s Short Bio

   Steve Mouzon is an architect, urbanist, author, blogger, and photographer from Miami. He founded the New Urban Guild, which helped foster the Katrina Cottages movement. The Guild hosts Project:SmartDwelling, which works to redefine the house to be much smaller and more sustainable. Steve founded and is a board member of the Guild Foundation; it hosts the Original Green initiative. Steve speaks regularly across the US and abroad on sustainability issues. He blogs on the Original Green Blog and Useful Stuff. He also posts to the Original Green Twitter stream.


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