Monica Buckley’s Interview with Jerry Wilhelm

Monica Buckley, who lives in Chicago, contacted me a few years ago and told me she wanted to quit her current job and do what I do.    I encouraged her and hooray–she has launched her business and her website.  This is her first blog, a compelling interview with Jerry Wilhelm, co-author of Plants of the Chicago Region and the Midwest’s premier botanist and ecologist.

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from Monica–read on:

Dear friends,
Pardon this mass email–it will be the only one!
If you haven’t heard yet, I’ve launched a blog on my new Red Stem Native Landscapes website. And I’m really proud of the latest post–an interview with Jerry Wilhelm, one of my heroes. Enjoy, read the posts, browse the website, subscribe to the blog, like my page, and all that stuff we’re supposed to ask people to do these days!
If you are already supporting, liking, etc., please pardon the repetition. I appreciate you so, so much.
Thank you all for your support.
Here’s the latest post:

Monica Buckley

Red Stem Native Landscapes
1333 W. Devon Ave. #419
Chicago, Illinois
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