Name This Plant

Since many of you are on vacation this week, I’ve made up a fun quiz to take for those of us who are at home.

In winter, our plants become black silhouettes against a stark white snow, changing their dimensions and character.  How many of these can you name?  Genus-species, please:Latin or English.

The prize?  An autographed copy of my book Design Your Natural Midwest Garden to the first one who answers correctly.

1.  The pods are a clue.

2.  This plant will grow in gravel.

3.  My favorite grass.

4.  What does this sedge remind you of?

5  My favorite picture.



2 Responses to Name This Plant

  1. Chris January 22, 2011 at 2:11 pm #

    Hi Pat,
    Love your book, love the blog! Keep up the great work of making people aware they live in the prairie and it’s ok to let go of the perfect lawn mentality. I am in Milwaukee Wisconsin and was just looking at my yard and other sparse yards with their lack of winter interest and wildlife. I hope to plant a ton more winter interest plants this summer! My guesses for your post above are as follows

    1. Butterfly weed
    2. Prairie clover
    3. Your favorite prairie drop seed
    4. Palm sedge
    5. Blazing star

    • PatHill January 24, 2011 at 4:29 am #

      You’re absolutely right, Chris.

      If you click on “write Pat’ and give me your name and address, I will mail an autographed copy of my book to you.

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