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A BLUE AND WHITE GARDEN FOR SPRING  Many years ago, when my children were young, we drove up to Door County to spend Memorial Day weekend.  The weather was quite cool–the tourist season had not yet started.  The peninsula was, however, exquisite; a beautiful time of year to visit. The cherry trees, for which the […]

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Spring Quartette Plus

Spring Quartette Plus     Many years ago, I saw clumps of Wild Hyacinth (Camassia scilloides) in bloom in May at Bluff Spring Fen.  Enchanted, that fall I bought some bulbs–maybe 7–and planted them.  Alas, not a one came up–I attributed it to squirrels digging them up.     Several years later–May 2007, one came […]

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Spring-flowering Native Trees

Spring-flowering Native Trees  The Chinese magnolias and crabapples are lovely in blossom in the spring, but I prefer our native ornamental trees, usually in bloom in late April or early May, that are blossoming now. Four ducks on a pond A grass bank beyond A blue sky of spring White clouds on the wing. William […]

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Carex cephalaphora

Underplanting Trees

Underplanting Trees in the Yard and on the Parkway True or false: Mulching  a tree circle with wood chips is the best thing for a tree,  ecologically. Actually, a wood chip mulch is the 2nd best thing for a tree.  It keeps lawn mowers and string trimmers from damaging the tree bark, it keeps down weeds, […]

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Cream Wild Indigo

One of My Favorite Flowers

One of My Favorite Flowers   People ask me what my favorite flower is, and my answer is always “It depends on what’s in bloom.”  But Cream Wild Indigo (Baptisia leucophaea) would definitely be in my top ten.  Its exquisite, long, lush, drooping, butter yellow racemes bloom from early-to mid-May through early June on a […]

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