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Shooting Star

Early Spring Prairie Garden

Early Spring Prairie Garden   After the slowest-starting spring in memory, we were suddenly fast-forwarded to summer; then back to March!  Only in the Midwest does the temperature go from 50 to the high 80’s in a day to the 40’s within a week!   The prairie is slow to wake up–the first to bloom […]

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Jacob's Ladder, Shooting Star

Native Flowering Trees

Native Flowering Trees While imported Chinese and Japanese Crabapples and Callery Pears dominate the May landscape, native ornamental trees are not only equally showy, but contribute to the environment.   The first to bloom is Wild Plum (Prunus americanus).  Seen in roadside thickets, along fencelines, or sometimes growing in the open, its snowy blossoms are […]

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More Spring Woodland Wildflowers

More Spring Woodland Wildflowers The emerging purple stems of the Blue Cohosh (Cauliphyllum thalictroides) are notable, while the early yellow flowers are rather insignificant.  It follows closely on the heels of the woodland anemones mentioned in my last post.  It grows in similar circumstances, in rich woodlands, frequently on north-facing slopes.         […]

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