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Yellow Daisies in August

   My House in August Radiant yellow daisies dominate my August gardens.  The wanton, golden Showy Black-eyed Susan, the color of marigolds, is everywhere, anywhere its seeds have found a bit of bare dirt in which to sprout. Every year I think I have way too many Showy Black-eyed Susan–until August, when their ravishing blossoms […]

Purple Coneflower is the Most Popular Perennial in America

Click on photos to enlarge. Purple Coneflower (Echinacea purpurea) is the Most Popular Perennial in America. It s a familiar, old-fashioned flower that has been a staple in Midwestern gardens since settlement days.  We had a few in my childhood garden on Lovell St., but my recollection is that they were called Rudbeckias. A bold, […]

Three Elegant Native Plants in Bloom Now You May Not Know

Three Elegant Native Plants in Bloom Now You May Not Know Prairie Cinquefoil (Drymocallis arguta)  formally known as Potentilla arguta Clusters of blossoms with wide creamy or pale yellow petals surround a golden center at the top of a hairy, upright 2-3’ tall stem, in bloom from late June until late September. While I planted it […]

Wild Petunia

 Wild Petunia  Wild Petunia does two things especially well.  Brand new cheerful, lavender-blue flared trumpets of Wild Petunia (Ruellia humilis) greet the dawn every morning in July and August.  The blossoms do indeed resemble the annual petunias with which we are all familiar, but our native petunias are smaller and not as flared.   In […]

Purple Coneflower

Purple Coneflower What is the most popular perennial sold in the United States today? It’s the native Purple Coneflower (Echinacea purpurea). It’s been in gardens as long as I can remember.  When I was a child, we had a long flower border that divided the front yard with its well-cared for croquet lawn from the […]


Green and White Gardens   The Smooth Hydrangeas seen around the area seem to be larger and more robust that usual–I assume from all the rain we’ve been having–Hydrangea and hydrate come from the Greek word hudor, meaning water. I went outside yesterday afternoon to take some photographs of my ‘Annabelle’ Hydrangeas to use to […]

Fuchsia Flowers

Fuchsia Flowers  As the serene blue and white pallet of the Ohio Spiderwort and the White Wild IIndigo fade, bright fuchsia takes over.  The Pale Purple Coneflower has been in bloom for a while, now joined by the matching Purple-flowered Raspberry,  Showy Tick Trefoil, and the spectacular Illinois Rose. Pale Purple Coneflower (Echinacea pallida) blooms […]


And gorgeous as the sun at midsummer.  Shakespeare Henry IV  JUNE 21 Midsummer Midwinter, the Winter Solstice, which we observe as Christmas, is over-celebrated in the United States; while Midsummer, celebrated widely in Europe, particularly in the more northern latitudes, is not observed here at all, unless we count the 4th of July.  In pagan […]

In Bloom this Week in My Prairie Garden

  In Bloom this Week in my Prairie Garden Overall Side Yard The morning star of the early June garden. The iridescent sapphire blossoms of the Ohio Spiderwort open with the dawn every morning, closing by noon  (except on cloudy days when they remain  open all day).  It’s a common plant, found in sandy Black […]

If I Had to Do It Over Again

If I had it to do over again: I was a pioneer in 1998 when I began to plant my prairie gardens in my small- 50’ x 120’- city corner  lot,.  My gardens are mostly all  linear , arranged  on both sides of the public sidewalks, along the edge and side of my back yard […]