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Joe Pye & clematis thru screen

File This Under Window View or Serendipity

File This under Window View or Serendipity This is the view looking outside my east studio window, only about 8’ away from my neighbor’s cracked and stained concrete patio.  A few self-seeded Joe Pye Weed grow next to my window, but not tall enough to hide an unattractive view. Many years ago I had a […]

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Purple coneflower group and bee


WHERE HAVE ALL THE BUTTERFLIES GONE? That’s the question that’s been going around the web blogasphere within the past week–I’ve received two of them. This magnificent Black Swallowtail visited my garden yesterday afternoon. This beautiful creature has been visiting my garden for a few days now, but I can’t ID it.  Is it a butterfly […]

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Whorled Milkweed JS


MORE NATIVE MILKWEED   All members of the genus  Asclepias are appealing to Monarch butterflies and caterpillars. Nine species grow in Kane County but only four are available at local nurseries. I’m going to show you six more today.   Common Milkweed (Asclepias syriaca) is, by far, the best butterfly attractant.   The dense, domed, […]

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rose trellis bird bath


Trailing against the house and also along the path are prairie roses, inviting when in bloom, but equqlly inviting in winter when they brighten up the path with their gay colored berries.  Jens Jensen Siftings   The Illinois Rose, also called Prairie Rose or Michigan Rose (Rosa setigera),  is the latest blooming and the showiest […]

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chiarugi 2


DROUGHT The current drought situation has been aided by an overall persistence of unusually warm, dry weather. June of 2012 officially ranked as the 6th warmest on record in Chicago, while it was also the 5th driest.  WGN Meteorologist Paul Merzlock   We are, indeed, in a drought.  Trees are stressed; lawns are brown.  Prairies […]

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