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Midsummer Gardens

Mid-summer Gardens The summer prairie begins to bloom in earnest around mid-summer.   Wild Quinine opens first, followed closely by Pale Purple Coneflower and Butterfly Weed, and then Stiff Coreopsis adds its golden suns.     The flat-topped flower clusters of Wild Quinine (Parthenium integrifolium) reflect the flat prairies from where it comes.  The tiny […]

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Overlooking Fox River

Geneva River Park Redux

Geneva River Park Redux I last wrote about the Geneva River Park in February and several of you asked about its history. Its story appears below and I hope you will take the time to visit it. River Park of Geneva River Park of Geneva grew out of Mary Zaander’s letter to a local newspaper […]

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Yellow Pimpernel  with Blue Wild Indigo

A Gift

A Gift When you buy prairie forbs or grasses, there is always the possibility of receiving extra plants from seed buried in the pot.  I’ve been given Winged Loosestrife, Mountain Mint, Monkey Flower, Indian Tobacco, Cup Plant, Blue Vervain, False Aster, Canada Rye, Western Sunflower, Riddell’s Goldenrod, and, best of all,  Krigia biflora. It is […]

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