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Late Summer Berries

  Late Summer Berries Unlike the most commonly planted exotic shrubs such as lilac, forsythia, and spirea, our native shrubs bear bountiful crops of berries in late summer or early fall.  The colorful fruit is a delightful feature in itself, but even better, it attracts a myriad of fruit-eating birds.  Birds need a diet of […]

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Early Spring Savanna Garden

Early Spring in My Savanna Garde My lack of trees does limit my early spring flower display. When I bought my house there were more trees shading the back yard then there are now: a clone of 5 Mulberry trees lined my next-door neighbor’s  back yard along the north side of my property.  They fell […]

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Fiery Fall Foliage

Fiery Fall Foliage Let’s Plant Red-leaved Native Shrubs instead of the Invasive Burning Bush In the late 50’s-60’s, Compact Burning Bush (Euonymous alatus compactus) was introduced to the landscape industry and was soon installed on the corner of every newly built ranch house in the Northeast and Midwest, including ours.   While it does have […]

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The First Thanksgiving

  Come, ye thankful people, come, Raise the song of Harvest-home; All is safely gathered in, Ere the winter storms begin.  Henry Alfred  1810-187  The First Thanksgiving What is now called the First Thanksgiving was actually a Harvest Festival, popular in England, and, indeed, all over the world, including the New World. The Pilgrims and […]

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This Week in my Garden

This week in my garden Asters are still the stars in the autumn garden–this is New England Aster-formerly known as Aster novae-angliae and is now Symphyotrichum novae-angliae.  The most colorful and best known of the species asters, its intense purple flowers bloom from early September until the end of October.  Growing 3-4’ tall, in the […]

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Fiery Foliage

…and the autumn weather turns the leaves to flame, September Song   Fiery Foliage  There are abundant trees, shrubs, and vines whose leaves “turn to flame” in autumn, reflecting the fire of the setting sun.  The earliest, beginning at the end of September, are Virginia Creeper, various species of sumac and serviceberry, and our favorite […]

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