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We Lived on a Hill

We Lived on a Hill Maggie Soliz Our big old house in the country sat right in the middle of a hill.  From the top of the driveway to the end of the yard our hill was filled with trees, wildflowers, an abandoned fish pond, an overgrown orchard and gardens and sidewalks to nowhere. What […]

Back in the Day–Halloween

Back in the Day–Halloween Running, running, running–down the street, through back yards–not that anyone was actually chasing us, but we liked to think there was.  Pinning doorbells and car horns, and soaping windows were high adventure to us and major annoyances for grown-ups in the weeks leading up to Halloween. According to   Alliance Data […]


A DOCTRINE OF SUSTAINABILITY   continued Gerould Wilhelm   IV. All places on the earth, along with the people who inhabit them, are unique to all others, this singular quality embodied in the Genius Loci. Geronimo, the great Apache leader, looking back on his beloved western homeland from a prison at Pensacola, Florida noted: For […]


A DOCTRINE OF SUSTAINABILITY  Gerould Wilhelm Director of Research Conservation Research Institute 185 S. York Elmhurst, IL 60126 Revised November 2011 There are at least seven First Principles that must be attended in all design programs, if we really are to sustain the ability for next generations to have at least as many choices for […]


FALLEN LEAVES–Part I       The City of Elgin spends $1000’s of dollars every year disposing leaves from private property.  Is this necessary?       Let’s not be so quick to have them hauled away. Fallen leaves can be beautiful. The ground was blanketed with wet leaves of every hue from livid crimson […]

Why Do We Think What We Think?

Why Do We Think What We Think?   Gerould Wilhelm Director of Research Conservation Research Institute 375 W. First Street Elmhurst, Illinois  60126   Revised, 21 March 2011   One of the key aspects of cultural evolution is the epistemology of its people.  Given that every thought is born from experience and exposure to antecedent […]