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Carex sprengellii

Maple Trees

MAPLE TREES   The scarlet of the maples can shake me         like a cry Of bugles going by.   William Bliss Carman         Sugar Maple (Acer saccharum) is not suited for new subdivisions or street tree plantings, says Possibility Place Nursery Catalog.    Obviously, this Sugar Maple in my […]

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Virginia Creeper

Golden Leaves

Golden Leaves  What causes leaves to turn color in the fall?   Shorter day lengths and cooler temperatures trigger the leaves to discontinue the production of chlorophyll, allowing other pigments to shine through.  Sunny days stimulate the manufacture of carbohydrates and cool (40-45° F) nights allow the carbohydrates to break down into sugars.  The more […]

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White Snakeroot

Autumn Savanna

Autumn Savanna  Many people tell me that they would love to have a prairie garden, but they have too much shade. My answer?  You can have a savanna or woodland garden with a diversity of forbs and grasses every bit as as ravishing as a prairie–just with different plants. Last week I described and showed […]

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Asters and Goldenrods

Second Week in September Roadsides   Up to now most of the plants that have been in bloom along our roadsides have been Eurasian weeds that have crowded out our native plants.  But in late summer and fall, our indigenous plants come into their own and decorate our roadsides and fields.   The flamboyant, iridescent […]

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