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Farewell, Indian Summer

Farewell Indian Summer   SONGWRITERS WILLIAMS, HARRY/HICKMAN, A Does anyone remember that song? Here’s the rendition by Glenn Miller; there is also one by Frank Sinatra. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aa_faILW6MQ Obviously dating me. In this song, Indian Summer was a metaphor for a romance that had begun in June and had faded by Indian Summer. What really is […]

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Prairie Dropseed snow

Prairie Grasses in Winter

During winter the winds come in crisp and invigorating from across the prairies.  At this season of the year the landscape assumes a dreary look to many who do not understand.  But to others, when the gray arms of the cottonwood are illuminated by the January sun and silhouetted against the blue sky, when sleeping […]

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Squills in lawn 2

Calico Lawns

Is this your idea of a beautiful landscape?  If so, you will really like the new Round-Up Ready turf that is about to go on the market.    This was just published in Garden Rant. http://gardenrant.com/2014/02/coming-soon-round-up-ready-turfgrass.html But calico lawns, sprinkled with wild flowers are so much more charming, why would anyone want a plain green […]

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wild petunia in streer

Petunias on my Parkway 2002-2013

Petunias in my Parkway 2002–2013 This how it all started in Aug 2002.  Seeds of Wild Petunia (Ruellia humilis) migrated from the garden  on the other side of the sidewalk into the lawn on the parkway, along with the seeds of a few Showy Black-eyed Susan (Rudbeckia speciosa var. sullivantii). Aug 2002 June 2005  The […]

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Prairie Grasses in Late Fall

The big show is almost ended by the first hard frosts.  Although the tall grasses provide an encore with their rich burst of golds, winey russets, and shades of bronze, the great host of prairie flowers now exists only as dried stalks with stripped seed heads, and a few pods clinging to frost-blighted stems.  Then […]

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Compass Plant in Winter at Riverwalk

Grass, Stone, and Snow

Snow, Stone, and Grass My posts this winter have been mostly about trees and shrubs in snow, but today I am featuring herbaceous plants, mostly grasses. I visited the Geneva Riverwalk again Sunday, an ordinary winter day, cloudy and a with a light snow cover. More than anything, I want to show you how gorgeous […]

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