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The Arts and Crafts Movement and the Integration of House and Garden

Garden and building may now be one.  In any good organic structure it is difficult to say where the garden ends and the house begins.  Frank Lloyd Wright   Whenever possible, and at every story, build porches, galleries, arcades, balconies, niches, outdoor seats, awnings, trellised rooms, and the like at the edges of buildings–especially where […]

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Carex sprengellii

Maple Trees

MAPLE TREES   The scarlet of the maples can shake me         like a cry Of bugles going by.   William Bliss Carman         Sugar Maple (Acer saccharum) is not suited for new subdivisions or street tree plantings, says Possibility Place Nursery Catalog.    Obviously, this Sugar Maple in my […]

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I Love Sedges

I Love Sedges! “And what,” you may ask, “ is a sedge?” A sedge is a grass-like plant that has solid triangular stems as opposed to the round, hollow stems of grasses.  “Sedges have edges” is a popular aphorism, that cleverly describes the difference.   It is not always true, but it is often enough […]

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