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Late Summer Bloom

      My traditional gardening friends complain that they have no flowers in bloom in August.  They obviously don’t grow Black-eyed Susan.  (Rudbeckia speciosa var. sullivantii)   View out my front door.  This week a Great Spangled Fritillary landed on my front porch stair post–alas, I didn’t get a photo.  Great Spangled Fritillary are […]

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Attracting Butterflies

One of my greatest pleasures in August is to eat lunch in my screened front porch and watch the Tiger Swallowtails nectar in the Compass Plant, Tall Coreopsis, and Joe Pye Weed , while their now-forming seeds attract Gold Finches.    Plant these feeding stations close to your house and within viewing distance of your […]

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My House in Autumn

Fall may seem an odd time to begin a blog about gardening, but fall is in many ways the best time to start or renew a garden. The soil is mellow, the weather is temperate, and in autumn plants put all their energy into root growth rather than top growth as they do in spring. […]

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