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Compass Plant in Winter at Riverwalk

Grass, Stone, and Snow

Snow, Stone, and Grass My posts this winter have been mostly about trees and shrubs in snow, but today I am featuring herbaceous plants, mostly grasses. I visited the Geneva Riverwalk again Sunday, an ordinary winter day, cloudy and a with a light snow cover. More than anything, I want to show you how gorgeous […]

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Pond in Winter

Winter Hike in the Woods

Announced by all the trumpets of the sky Arrives the snow, and, driving o’re the fields, Seems nowhere to alight: the whited air Hides hills and woods, the river, and the heaven, Ralph Waldo Emerson Winter Hike in a Kettle Moraine Woods A 20 degree Sunday afternoon and a snow-covered landscape drew me to Burnidge […]

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Rough Blazing Star in Snow

Name This Plant

Since many of you are on vacation this week, I’ve made up a fun quiz to take for those of us who are at home. In winter, our plants become black silhouettes against a stark white snow, changing their dimensions and character.  How many of these can you name?  Genus-species, please:Latin or English. The prize?  […]

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More Winter Scene

I am so thrilled with the all the reader participation in my blog that added new information about persistent winter leaves. That makes this a truly interactive site. So, please, please, keep it coming. And I have one more participant–Jack Shouba, botanist, instructor at Morton Arboretum, and photographer sent this stunning photograph of Hop Hornbeam(Ostrya […]

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Illinois Rose in Winter 2

Winter Berries

Then heigh-ho! the holly! This life is most jolly. William Shakespeare Winter Berry Displays Shakespeare’s holly doesn’t grow in the Midwest; indeed, no evergreen hollies thrive in our harsh climate. But if you can provide compatible cultural conditions, Winterberry or Michigan Holly (Ilex verticillata) will put on a ravishing berry display in fall and winter. […]

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